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Venus in Scorpio 02.12.2018 (18:03 CET) - 07.01.2019 (12:19 CET):Všechny naše sny se mohou vyplnit - pokud máme odvahu o ně usilovat. (Walt Disney)

Venus in Scorpio 02.12.2018 (18:03 CET) - 07.01.2019 (12:19 CET)


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Venus in Scorpio 02.12.2018 (18:03 CET) - 07.01.2019 (12:19 CET)


Attic Red Figure (White Ground) Lekythos with Charon, attributed to the Tymbos painter, ca 500 - 450 BC, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK (22681344331).jpg
By Carole Raddato from FRANKFURT, Germany - Attic Red Figure (White Ground) Lekythos with Charon, attributed to the Tymbos painter, ca 500 - 450 BC, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Charon was the son of the God of the Eternal Darkness and the goddess of Nykt's night, the cruiser of the dead in the Underworld. It is depicted as a rough, gaunt and hateful old man or as a winged demon with a double ax, a hammer or an oar.


By Michelangelo - (presumably a scan from an unknown book), Public Domain, Link

He probably came to Greek mythology later, he does not appear in Homer's poems. In Etruscan culture, a similar deity was called Charun. Charon crossed the river, which is called Acherón or Léthé by the Greek authors, with the Latin authors Styx, and only in the underworld, not back to the world. However, only the souls of properly buried dead could carry, while the unhealthy souls wandered forever on the banks of the river. He demanded money as a reward for his transport. That is why the Greeks gave their dead under the tongue the obolos, so that their souls had what to pay.

Exceptionally, somebody came alive into the underworld. For Charon had transferred Hérak, he had to serve the Goddess himself alone for the whole year. Also, according to Vergilius Aeneid (VI book), Sybilla gave Aina the Golden Ratolest to overcome the river, albeit still alive.

Painting in art and literature

Gustave Doré - Dante Alighieri - Inferno - Plate 10 (Canto III - Charon herds the sinners onto his boat).jpg
By Gustave Doré - Dante's Divine Comedy: Hell - Purgatory - Paradise. Illustrations by Gustave Doré, Translation by Henry W. Longfellow, Published by Arcturus Books, 2007., Public Domain, Link

The charon was often depicted on gravestones and burial vases. Most notably, he is depicted (together with God Herm) on the weight of the so-called Sabura's painter. It was made around 450 BCE and is now located in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. It also occurs frequently in Renaissance and Baroque paintings and frescoes, such as Michelangelo's "Last Judgment" at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Charon is found in the Aristofan comedy "Frogs," and is also the first character with whom Dante (Divine Comedy, Hell, Song 3) meets in the underworld. In Thomas Mann's novel "Death in Venice", Cháron is the gondolier who plays the main hero in Venice. There are many similarities in both older and newer literature.

Lytovchenko Olexandr Kharon.jpg
By Alexander Litovchenko - Location: Russian Museum, St. Petersburg Technique: oil on canvas, Public Domain, Link

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