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Venus in Scorpio 09.09.2018 (11:24 CEST) - 05.10.2018 (21:04 CEST), 16.11.2018 (11:50 CEST) - 02.12.2018 (18:01 CEST)


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Venus in Scorpio 09.09.2018 (11:24 CEST) - 05.10.2018 (21:04 CEST), 16.11.2018 (11:50 CEST) - 02.12.2018 (18:01 CEST)


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By Max Halberstadt - [ Christie's], Public Domain, Link

Tabu is a strict social ban on some of the human activities or social customs marked as sacred and forbidden. Taboo violations are generally considered undesirable and unacceptable in society. This term comes from Tonga and appears in many Polynesian cultures. In these cultures, taboo (or tap or hood) is often associated with religion. To Europe, this word "brought" in 1777 to James Cook in return from his journey into the southern seas. From English, she then switched to most European languages.

Some taboos are forbidden by law, some only lead to embarrassment, shame, or incompetence. Also, what is totally taboo in one company, in another one can be completely normal behavior.

Tabo are, for example, eating restrictions (halal, kosher, religious vegetarianism, but also prohibition of cannibalism), limitation of sexual activities and relationships (marriage, racial intercourse, homosexuality, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, ...) bruising, flatulence, circumcision, uncovering parts of the body - for example, ankles in Victorian England), drug use, or spiteful words.

No taboo is general, but some, such as cannibalism and incest, are common to most companies. Tabu can arise for many reasons and serve many important functions in society. They often remain in force even though the original reason has already disappeared. Taboo can therefore show some details of the company's life in the past.

Taboo is also considered as a banned topic. This can lead to distortion (eg euphemism) or substitution of forbidden words. Marvin Harris, the principal representative of cultural materialism, tried to explain the taboo as a consequence of the ecological and economic conditions of society.

Sigmund Freud also analyzed the taboo in human behavior, stressing the unconscious motivation leading to such bans. In his work, Totem and Tabu combines forbidden behavior and initiation of objects into family groups. Freud also states that there are only two "universal" taboos, namely incest and fatherhood, which form the basis of modern society.

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