"Žij každý den svého života, jako by byl první a jako by byl poslední."
(Friedrich Nietzsche 15.10.1844 - 25.08.1900)

Sun in Libra 23.09.2018 (03:53 CEST) - 23.10.2018 (13:22 CEST):"Žij každý den svého života, jako by byl první a jako by byl poslední."

Sun in Libra 23.09.2018 (03:53 CEST) - 23.10.2018 (13:22 CEST)


Personal interpretation of Tarot cards:

Past - Present - Future

Decision Assistance - Clarify Partner Relationships


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Davídkova 654/27, Praha 8 - Libeň

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I speak English, Deutsch, Pусски, Parlo italiano nativo
Sun in Libra 23.09.2018 (03:53 CEST) - 23.10.2018 (13:22 CEST)


Biomass is a collection of substances that form the bodies of all organisms, such as plants, bacteria, cyanobacteria and fungi, as well as animals. This term often refers to plant biomass usable for energy purposes. Biomass energy has its origins in solar radiation and photosynthesis, and therefore it is a renewable energy source.

The total mass of the biomass is usually determined by weighing, possibly also by estimating the volume or length of the body. For freshly harvested organisms, live or fresh biomass is determined. More precise is the determination of biomass of dry (dry) and dry matter without ash. The biomass energy value is determined either by burning in a joulometer or by the proportion of proteins, sugars and fats.

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Richard Stříbrný
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Můj Horoskop:
17.11.1971, 23:30 hodin, Kladno - Česká Republika

Slunce: Štír - Ascendent: Lev - Bod štěstí: Panna

Měsíc: Štír
Merkur: Střelec
Venuše: Střelec
Mars: Ryby
Jupiter: Střelec
Saturn: Blíženci
Uran: Váhy
Neptun: Střelec
Pluto: Váhy

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