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There is quite low form of religion that could give rise to a very clean and logically organized mysticism. If such exceptions is not enough to get them, researchers had noticed, then it is not related with the dialectic of the sacred, but with how people in the face of this dialectic behavior. A examination of human behavior beyond the task of the historian of religion - it deals with the sociologist, psychologist, ethicist or philosopher. From the point of view of the historian of religion we are satisfied to learn that the sacred dialectic allows natural changes every religious attitudes. The mere existence of this possibility of change is important, because not occur elsewhere. This is why we do not not influence the results of certain ethnological research, various types of civilizations are naturally subject to certain religious forms, but this does not preclude a spontaneous and even the historical nature of religious life. All history is in its way is the "fall" of the sacred, in its limitation and reduction. But sacred and continues to manifest at each new speech as initially tends to could tell totally and completely. It is true that countless new expressions of the sacred repeat - in a religious sense a certain company - other myriad manifestations of the sacred that these companies recognize in their past, in his "History." Just as it is true that this history is not paralyze the spontaneous character hierophany: fuller revelation of the sacred is always possible.

It happens - and here we return to the question of chronological perspective in the history of religion, the possibility of changing religious attitudes becomes even more pronounced in the case of the mystical experience of archaic societies. Extremely mature mystical experiences are possible at any stage of the development of civilization and religious situation. This means that, for a talented individual religious consciousness who find themselves in crisis, it is always possible historical leap for them to achieve spiritual attitudes that are otherwise unattainable. "History" - the religious traditions of the respective tribe - but eventually hit and ecstatic experience some privileged individuals adapt their own canons. However, it is undeniable that these experiences are often characterized by same vigor and splendor as the experience of the great mystics of the East and West.

Shamanism is, strictly speaking, one of the archaic techniques of ecstasy, is currently mysticism, magic and "religion" in a broader sense.

(Mircea Eliade: Paris, March 1946 - March 1951)

The religious system of shamanism derives its name from "Shaman" (witch priest Asian natural Nations), which is Tunguska - Manchurian designation of religious specialists. It means "one who knows".

The term "shamanism" is used mainly for religious cults north-Asian, Ural-Altaic and Arctic peoples. Generally, the shamanism as he caught explorers in the 19th century. in Northern Asia (eg Tungus, Samoyed and Ostyak), classical and features the following characters: a religious specialist (male or female), called "shaman" is received by a person who can come in conjunction with the transcendent world through ecstasy , ie the appearance of your body (rarely through trans by which it authorizes spirit); has special physical or mental-mental characteristics, such as the one finger or one tooth more than usual, or tends to neurasthenic or epileptic seizures.

It is believed that controls the family of spirits, often in the form of animals or of the opposite sex (institutionalized "transsexualism"). As a rule, chooses the shaman spirits (puberty); and when this election refuses to punish him ghosts disease.

Initiation of shamans is done mostly trance, the ghosts of his body and then shred fold. Then board (ecstasy) journey to the next world. To achieve a gradation of Ecstasy certain subjects, especially drum or rattle.

According to the classical notions of space has shamans human world form a tray, which is open at the sides. There is a passage to the underworld. The country is surrounded by water and rests on the backs of large turtles, fish or bull. The movements of this animal cause earthquakes. From the ground to the upper world, which consists of more heavenly arches, leads the world tree, after which the shaman climbs on his journey to the next world.

The most common reason for such a business is a member of the tribe of the disease, because the disease is in the image of these peoples brought the spirit soul sick. The shaman must rediscover the soul in the other world and bring it back into her body. During ecstasy the shaman tells about his experiences in another world. This narrative forms a large part of these peoples stories.

Has a similar form of shamanism in other parts of the world, especially in Southeast Asia (Indonesia), Oceania and North American Indian tribes.

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